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Pavel Valent  

Valent family lives in Lalic, municipalities Odzaci, in Serbia. Our original business was farming and animal husbandry.A new spirit is entered 1984th when I returned from Germany where I worked with nurseryman. There gathered knowledge and experiance, I have conveyed to my modest estates in Lalic. I applied the new technology in vegetables cultivation with intensive irrigation. Potatoes, onions, watermelons and beans were first crops which I cultivated. Overcoming many obstacles that I encountered, I added a new crops in my fields such as garlic, beets and peppers. For many years I did it without proffesional assistance, but I have conceived that it is necessary. So I joined in Vegetable Society of Vojvodina, where I met with great understanding and support. For next year I participated with my products at the International Fair in Novi Sad and have won more gold medals for the quality of fresh vegetables. Later, as already recognized manufacturer, I was in the organizing committe of the "Dani povrća". This event, now in seventh, bringing together experts: the Ministry of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture professors to give lectures, producers of seeds, pesticides and irigation systems. The event is visited by guests from many counries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Croatia, Bosnia and others.The aim of the event is advice on gardening. At these fairs and other events I have won many awards, some of them are:

  • The six medals from the fortieth International Fair 24.09.2003. year
  • The eight medals from the forty-first International Fair 28.09-03.10.2004. year
  • The five medals from forty-second International Fair 27.09.-02.10.2005. year
  • The six medals from forty-third International Fair 12.10.-15.10.2006. year
  • The certificate for storage of fresh fruits and vegetables 11.10.2006

During my nurseryman career, on the way to all these awards, my family is helped me a lot, wife Ana, son Ivan and nintey-four year old father, Pavel. Now my father is deceased.